I'm the New Ruby Developer at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust!

by Brittany Martin

I'm thrilled to announce that I have accepted the Ruby Developer role at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust!


What I'll Be Doing

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has worked hard to transform Downtown Pittsburgh into a world-class Cultural District. Touring Broadway, contemporary dance, family events, education and community engagement programs, and cutting-edge visual arts are among the variety of arts and entertainment the Trust presents and exhibits. Hundreds of artists, thousands of students, and millions of people expand their horizons in their theaters, galleries, and public art environments. In just two years away, I can see the Trust's influence on Downtown. 

The Trust IT team is responsible for the full implementation and management of the Tessitura patron relationship management system throughout the entire Cultural District.
I will be providing overall development (mostly Ruby on Rails), support and maintenance in all aspects of culturaldistrict.org, trustarts.org and internal web applications. I'm also dedicated to website security, vulnerabilities and website integrity. 

Why I'm Excited

After working on MEDAPulse, I've been eager to get work with another non-profit. One of my goals in coming back to Pittsburgh is to embrace its culture and attend more events. This role will achieve both of these goals. 

I've done a solid four years of working for startups. I think it will be good for me, both mentally and professionally, to take a turn at working for an organization that has a solid internal infrastructure, great office culture and a user base that I can relate to. 

What About NIRD and Bloc.io?

I start fulltime at the Trust on August 24th. My teammates at NIRD LLC are fantastic and I will continue to work part-time for them. I've recently been taking more PM roles on projects and it's been very rewarding. It certainly helps when you are directing some of the best tech talent I've ever come in contact with. 

Teaching students through Bloc.io has leveled me up more than I could have ever anticipated. I'm going to keep the current students I have and will consider adding more students when I've settled into my new role and my current cohort has graduated. 

Special Thanks

I kick myself everyday that I get paid to write code. How incredibly fortunate I am to have mentors, advisors, co-workers, friends, students, family and a very loving fiancĂ© who support me in taking this path in my career. 

See you at the show....and think of me when you are buying tickets!