MEDAPulse v2.0: A Chip Off the Old Version

by Brittany Martin

Meredith, Melanie, Eden and I are pleased to announced the release of MEDAPulse v2.0. We've been running this sprint from November through today. The timing was not a coincidence: I'm headed to San Antonio next week to show off and discuss the future of MEDAPulse to the National CFE Coalition Forum. 

Here are the release notes of what will be available today: 

Three cheers for Sidekiq!

Three cheers for Sidekiq!

  • Sidekiq is officially being used to manage the text message and email queues. This is one that I was stuck on but with some Ninefold assistance and some blog gems, I was able to get this setup. If you visit, you can see my joy! 
  • Clients have the ability to text their coaches. When a client texts the coach's number (our Twilio number), an email is dispensed via Sendgrid with the client's information and message. This was a heavily requested feature that we are excited to offer. 
  • This is below the hood, but we have added a test suite using Cucumber and Codeship. This will help v3.0 significantly as we add in new features. No more breaking each other's commits. 
  • Coaches now have the ability to send a templated welcome message to their clients. 
  • Coaches can delete their own clients. 
  • Adding clients is much easier with smarter frontend error messages. 
  • We have also given the entire site a facelift with the removal of Bootstrap and replacement with Pure css. I love the cleaner look of the homepage: 
   MEDAPulse v1.0 vs. MEDAPulse v2.0 


MEDAPulse v1.0 vs. MEDAPulse v2.0 

I will be posting content from the conference (including a visual walk through the app) soon. Sincere thanks to everyone who has tested, provided feedback and contributed to this version. We're excited to start working on v3.0. 

Here is the link to the release notes