WWC Lightning Talk: Developer Bootcamps and Changing to a Tech Career

by Brittany Martin

I stood up from my seat shaking. This was my first big lightning talk and I was nervous to deliver it in front of a hundred people. I had applied to talk at the Women Who Code Lightning talks at Yelp HQ a few weeks prior. I randomly feel spurts of ambition where I feel invincible. Imposter syndrome be damned! Developer bootcamps is a topic that I'm passionate about so it should be easy! I was excited to be chosen but then came the reality that I would be giving a talk in front of the women in tech who I look up to. 

Luckily, my wonderful friend, Becca, offered to let me look at her during the talk so I wouldn't be so nervous. You can see me look for her in the crowd and visibly relax once I find her. If you are interested, check out my talk below. It starts off a little blurry but then quickly moves to Lucas quality. 

Slides are available here: http://slides.com/brit200313/wwc2014-developer-bootcamps-careers#/

Full lineup of talks from WWC Lightning talks: 


Thanks to everyone who supports me and continues to give me opportunities to improve my public speaking skills. Next up, I'm giving a talk to the OKC Nerdy girls remotely from San Francisco.  

Last but not least, I'm a new Ruby lead for Women Who Code SF this Spring. I'm honored to be trusted with the position.