Heaps Mates + Lollies: My Trip to Sydney

by Brittany Martin

Ninefold's headquarters are in Sydney so I was flown out there for nine days to meet all of my awesome overseas coworkers this past week. I can see why Sydney is known as San Francisco's sister city. The town is obsessed with good coffee, filled with hipsters, their seafood is top notch and everyone embraces the outdoors. While the city is much cleaner, it was more expensive. They have fantastic weather (even though it was winter!), beautiful beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene.

A couple of highlights from my trip:

  • Meeting the crew at Ninefold Sydney was like meeting fifteen long distance pen pals. We made up for a lot of the perks you miss when you work remotely: inside jokes, personal stories and learning each other's quirks. I was excited when two of my teammates took me up on an evening run through Darling Harbor.
  • I was determined to see the sites in Sydney that other visitors wouldn't know about. I came across this article from Time Out and I'm proud to say that I was the only short term visitor at the famous Eveleigh Farmers Market, the train station converted into museum, CarriageWorks, and Sydney's best gelato at Messina
  • Some of Jeff's and my favorite people, Niki and Aaron, moved to Sydney three years ago. Since then, they have moved up to Brisbane. I was so happy that Niki flew down for a night in Sydney so that we could have dinner. It was wonderful getting to catch up with her after so long --- across the world!
  • One of my favorite shoe brands, Shoes of Prey, has a boutique in Sydney. I stopped by over the weekend and S of P's product manager and front end developer were there to talk to customers. Since I was a fan, in the tech industry and am from the US, they interviewed me to get my thoughts on their new site. They were kind to send me a coupon on my next pair of shoes. 
  • The food was fantastic. I managed to try almost every Australian delicacy (mostly because of my great boss): lamington cake, fairy bread, pavlova, long black, flat white and Milo. One item I managed to avoid? Vegemite. I couldn't bring myself to try it. 

You know me. I took a ton of pictures. Check out the gallery below!

I'm hoping to go to Sydney again (if only to pick up Jeff more Cadbury chocolate) but am also excited to host more of my Australian colleagues in the US. A big thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome!