How I Switched into a Technical Career (Video)

by Brittany Martin


On Tuesday, I did a lightning talk at the Women Who Code Ruby Tuesday meetup at Zendesk.  In my presentation, I recounted why I moved to San Francisco, how I learned to code in Rails with and how I found my Rails Support Engineer position at Ninefold. I'm not a huge fan of public speaking and I'm thankful for any chance to practice. You can see me slowly relaxing throughout the talk (especially during the Crocodile Dundee bit). 

My awesome coworker, Risa, took some pictures, filmed it and managed the slide transitions. I had a lot of fun and appreciated all of the women who listened and asked insightful questions. Women Who Code is a meetup that is a must for me every single week. I have met the most supportive and smart female coders in the Bay area through this group. The environment is really conducive to making new friends and learning. All of that awesomeness is packaged for free for participants. It also gives me a chance to scope out all of the best Rails offices in San Francisco. If you live in the area --- join!

Thanks for watching the video below. Feel free to leave a comment or a question. 

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