Hackentine's Day <3

by Brittany Martin

I spent Saturday at Hackbright Academy, the office of a 12-week software development training program exclusively for women, for an event called Hackentine's Day. It was a mini-hackathon to create e-valentine card for your loved one. 

They provided awesome playlists, coffee, lunch, and cupcakes Martha Kelly, a software engineer at Uber, provided an easy to follow beginner tutorial for HTML/CSS to make our digital card. The mentors were so helpful and patient. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 5.14.01 PM.png

The best part was that we picked up name tags based being a mentor or a student. I put on a student name tag but because of all of my learning at Bloc.io, I ended up walking around helping other students add images, animate and personalize their cards. 

It was a Saturday well spent as I met a lot of interesting women from all walks of life. Big thanks to Hackbright and Uber for putting together such a great event. Now to bring it to the rest of country, Happy Hackentine's Day, everyone!

p.s. Want to see my hack? I was incredibly proud that I was able to figure out how to deploy it to Heroku, even though it is a static site. Be sure to click on the card to read the back!