Shipping MEDAPulse v1.0

by Brittany Martin

The day has finally come where the MEDAPulse team gets to tag all of the handwork we have done over the last two months on Github as MEDAPulse v1.0. MEDAPulse is an open source project for the Mission Economic Development Fund (aka MEDA) to increase quality coach and client communication. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.28.46 PM.png

Currently, MEDA coaches fill out paper action plans for their clients that are seeking financial capability, homeownership, and entrepreneurship. MEDAPulse transforms the paper action plan into a realtime tracker with scheduled text messages to keep their clients on track. 

v1.0 is not perfect but we're proud of it. We dubbed it 'Tactile Dome' because at times it felt like we felt our way through the dark but we manage to find the light. 

With this release, the MEDA coaches will be able to trial the software over the next couple of weeks to determine:

  1. Usability: Does the app work as expected? Do all of the functions work? 

  2. Behavior: Does the app reflect the process of the coach filling out a MEDA action plan?

  3. Reception: How do the clients react to the app? What feedback do they have?

We're leading a MEDA coach training session this week. We're eager to get their feedback as we work on version v2.0. We're preparing v2.0 to be presented at the January Cities for Financial Empowerment Coalition in San Antonio. 

Mattias Kraemer, the Deputy Director of Asset Building at MEDA, wrote a thought provoking article on how tech can foster financial capability for the underbanked in Techcrunch. We agree with his vision of expanding the versatility and sustainability of the live coaching experience through technology. Our ultimate goal is to release the base product, tentatively called Pulse, so that any non-profit can adapt it for their coaching needs. 

I cannot thank my team mates enough for all of their hard work. After work, the weekends, on planes, you name it! Meredith, Eden and Melanie have taught me so much on shipping product, assessing users' needs and going down the fun (and risky) path of trying out new tech. A special thanks to for their generous donation of credits through their billion messages for good program and all of the advice we have received from Mattias and Jacinto Noriega at MEDA. 

Cheers to v1.0 and looking forward to v2.0!