Learning Ruby on Rails with Bloc.io

by Brittany Martin

As I'm nearing the end of my apprenticeship with Bloc .io,  (that's right, I've been learning web development via Ruby on Rails over the last 3 months) I've been reflecting how far I've come. From an aspiring developer who had never made a single commit on Github, had no idea why everyone loves Heroku and had never messed with a DNS, I'm so proud of what I've accomplished. 

What's Bloc.io? Bloc teaches online courses in Web Development, Design, and iOS. At Bloc, they take you from zero to web developer in 12 weeks. They do this through an apprenticeship model where are paired with an experienced mentor, where you will get lots of personal attention, pair programming, and industry expertise. The goal is to have students emerge from Bloc as entrepreneurs 100% capable of building a product and company. 

I stumbled upon Bloc when I was frustrated at trying to teach myself a programming language. I've tried Coursera, CodeAcademy and Udacity but I didn't have anything to show for it. Dev bootcamps are really popular in San Francisco so I was browsing Bootcamper.io to find a bootcamp that wouldn't require me to quit my job at my startup. I came across Bloc and I felt like it had been designed for me. 

When friends ask me what my favorite part about Bloc is, I immediately say my mentor, Aaron. He has empowered me to learn from my mistakes, ask questions and to push myself to build apps that I'm really proud of. 

Check out some of my work:

Checkpup (pet reservation system)

Brittmark   (social bookmark app)

What's next? I'm proud to say that I will have three completed Rails apps on Github and can move around the command line like I was texting on my phone. I'm now going to spend some time learning more of the front end work (design is key) and do what I've dream of: attend some hackathons!

A little bonus: if you want to score a $100 off, Bloc lets me give you this referral link: https://www.bloc.io/?ref_token=NjIzOTY3