Messing With Texas

by Brittany Martin

Happy Monday, everyone! It has been a whirlwind week with unpacking from Texas and then repacking to go on my trip this week to Ithaca and Boston.


So what's with all the travel? The startup I work for is doing a program called the Hacker Tour. It's a 10 week national bus tour of the top 35 best engineering programs. We have awesome sponsors that enable us to go to these schools, talk about us and talk about how great it is to work at these companies. College kids love talking to us because we have tons of free swag and we're making it easier for them to find jobs and internships. 

Last week, I flew into Austin so that I could spend the day at the career fair at Texas A&M. The fair was huge and the students were super polite (I have never heard "Howdy" and "Ma'am" so many times in my life). The best part of the trip was that I was able to visit Vince for 20 minutes while I was franticly sprinting to the airport from College Station, TX. I'm proud to say I'm his first visitor, even though it was a quick visit. I can still say I saw his place and got to taste what a vegan taco in Austin tastes like!

So new goal to add to my ever growing list: take a trip to Austin so I can really see what the startup community, hipster population and food are really like. 

Now on to Cornell and MIT. Have a great week!