Discover Pinterest Engineering: Pingineers

by Brittany Martin

I am grateful for my time as the co-curator of Startup Digest Pittsburgh. Among the awesome people I met because of it, it has taught me to be a hawk eye for the Startup Digest Silicon Valley edition out here. Knowing that they hand pick events makes it much easier for me to plan out my week of meetups. 

Ask anyone: I love Pinterest. I've always been fascinated with their story and how they were able to grow so fast. Last Monday, SUD came out featuring an event at Pinterest where you not only got to check out their new digs but you had the chance to participate in lightning talks with their top engineers. I immediately RSVP'd and the event sold out in minutes. 


Flash forward to Thursday and I am walking into their gorgeous converted warehouse. It was really a lot more masculine that I expected. There was some DIY and craft related things but overall it was a lot of clean metal and open spaces. The place was buzzing with technical people looking to learn from Pinterest. It also smelled like heaven: they had a station where they making donuts on the spot and a custom drink bar (in mason jars of course!).

Ben, their CEO, greeted us all and thanked us for coming. Jon, their Director of Engineering, kicked off the lightning talks. My favorite lightning talk had to be Tracy Chou's. I've always admired her and it was interesting to hear how they took eight months to completely redo Pinterest so they could erase a lot of technical debt and be able to add new features at a much faster clip. 

On the way out the door, they handed us poster to commemorate the event. You better believe I'm getting this framed. It was one of those rare events that would never happen anywhere else outside of Silicon Valley.

pinterest poster