A Visit to the Homeland

by Brittany Martin

I would always reserve a special place in my heart for Pittsburgh.
— Willie Stargell

I've finally recovered from my fantastic trip back to Pittsburgh. Even though it was pouring down rain as I ran into the airport, it was hard to leave after the weekend I had. 

It was a great time to reflect on how lucky I am to have such a strong network of amazing friends and family in Pittsburgh. It felt like I have never left.  

Among the highlights of my trip (believe me, there were a ton): 

  • Seeing my beautiful little, Meghan, get married to her soul mate at Falling Water and having Shelly as my date.
  • The fantastic turnout on Friday night at the Hofbrauhaus. Apparently a surprise party was in the making but I blew it by planning my own. 
  • Soaking as much silly time with family including meeting my sister's new teacup pig.
  • Using every meal as an opportunity to catch up with friends from all stages of life, high school to career.
  • Demanding to take my step class and then running to Elyssa's to have a fantastic makeup job. Seeing her angelic daughter never hurts. :)
  • Meeting the newest puppy of the family....Bogart! 
  • Seeing the fruits of my matchmaking before I left town. I'm quite pleased.  

Big thanks to Jenn, Brooke, Justin and Sara for giving me a place to stay each night. 

I will be back for the holidays. In the meantime, Stay Classy, Pittsburgh!

Check out the gallery of photos below. I love all of the great moments I captured.