The Alameda Flea Circus

by Brittany Martin

Has anyone discovered the secrets of the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire? I saw on Pinterest that Refinery29 had pinned one of their articles, "Tiny apartments that make it work with nifty decor tips!". Since we just moved into a much smaller apartment than we were accustomed to when we lived in a townhouse in Pittsburgh, I was intrigued. Turns out the article highlights 4 beautiful teeny places: all in San Francisco and all of them quoted Alameda Pointe as their muse. 

I was skeptical since I had spent a lot of time at Jack's Flea Market in Bridgeville (and sadly never made it out to Roger's Flea in Ohio). Timing worked out perfectly: Alameda is open once a month and it happened to be the Sunday of the holiday weekend. I got my run in early this morning, packed myself up, and drove off in the Mini to the market. 

Wow, that place did not disappoint. There were hundreds of tents overflowing with unique and vintage finds. I loved all of the up-cycled furniture and retro advertising prints. I was clever in only bringing $60 and I didn't rent rent a shopping cart. Of course, there was a line up of characters that provided entertainment as I munched on my best-ever-veggie-buffalo-blue-burger.  

I did take some stealth pictures as I was shopping (see the sliding bar gallery below). The last picture was the only item I purchased. It became my crown jewel. It's a leather cuff made from a belt from the 20s with a vintage brass wing on it. For you Portlandia fans, someone "put a bird on it!". The owner, Betty, is headed to the Vegas Gift Show next week and was gleeful when I told her how many times I've been there. 

I'll be back next month for sure. This time I'm renting the cart (and bringing Jeff)!