Working for the Cool Kids

by Brittany Martin

Today marks a week at my new job in San Francisco. As I was completing my run this man (that I *cough cough* might have been a couple days late on), I got to thinking about how much I love the customers/users that I'm engaging with at my new gig.  


At my last two jobs, the primary users were small businesses. Don't get me wrong. I love the small business owner but,  the issue is, I've never been one. I enjoyed hearing about a different side of life and I worked hard on creating solutions that would help them grow.

With my new job, my target user is a university student leader. Perfect. I was a student leader. I know what they are going through.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was when one of our power users sent me an email that started with, "Yo, Brittany.". Don't let the casual attitude fool you. I've realized that these students are CEOs of micro businesses and doing a ton of work while juggling classes, paid work and deciding what to do with the rest of their lives. They are my heroes. 

I'll hang in there. Who knows, someday, I'll start an email with, "Yo." and I won't be an inposter.