Coffee Should Be Taken Personally

by Brittany Martin

Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee.
— Author Unknown

Years ago, Jeff taught me to be a coffee snob. To think I would ever consider instant coffee is a sin. Now my coffee needs to be smoky, freshly ground and potent. I thought I had a pretty good rhythm in Pittsburgh. Then I moved to San Francisco. 

Coffee here is an absolute art. It powers this town of hackers, dreamers, and moguls.  I'm now surrounded by amazing companies like Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Ritual Coffee Roasters and Four Barrell Coffee Shop. My favorite discovery here has to be Jittery Johns. My coworkers introduced me to it and it was love at first sip. I'm not a caffeine junkie but 4 times the normal amount really powers you through a startup afternoon. 


For a few weeks, the corner store was sold out of it. As soon as it came back, I grabbed a bottle and clutched it all the way back to the office. If you can buy a bottle, I encourage it. I'm going to try to bring some back to Pittsburgh with me in August. 

I met a potential customer at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop in Mint Plaza. It was unmarked, cozy and when you finished your cup somehow it was whisked away right under your nose. 

So starts my coffee tour of the Bay Area. Recommendations are welcome!