My Day V1

by Brittany Martin

Today was my first day as the Product Marketing Manager for a great startup in San Francisco. It was one of those days that started off on a high note. As I was getting ready, my East Coast friends were sending me texts, chats, Facebook posts and even one hilarious poem to wish me luck. It really meant the world to me. I'm starting to see how the three hour time difference can really work in my favor!

A perfect day: a MacBook Air and a tshirt!

A perfect day: a MacBook Air and a tshirt!

After 5 minutes of getting settled in, my boss asked one of my peers to say his favorite new hire joke, "well, that's the end of the training program." This is why I love working for startups. The rest of my day was spent collecting a million questions to ask my new boss, making an Apple run for my snazzy new computer, pouring over company history, checking out the hipster 711 (yes, you read that right) and tagging along on a meeting with a prospective client. 

To cap off the day, as I made my way to the Caltrain, I got to catch up with one of my Pittsburgh mentors. It made me realize how much I want to make an effort in making sure I keep my network warm there. It's going to take dedication but they are worth it. 

I came to San Francisco to work for a great startup and I think I have found a position that I can both bring my experience to and be challenged. I'm looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.