Giving Thanks

by Brittany Martin

I love Thanksgiving. It is one of my absolute favorite holidays. It is the one day a year everyone takes a break from their lives and counts all of the wonderful things on our lives.

These are the moments from 2013 (aside from my awesome family and friends) that I'm thankful for:

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.53.11 PM.png
  • Making the big move from Pittsburgh, PA to San Francisco, CA. Our Mini Cooper made the trip and George was amazing at traveling 6 days straight. 
  • Jeff and I finding great jobs pretty quickly after arriving. 
  • The way technology keeps me in the loop with all of my favorite people in Pittsburgh. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest let me catch up with all of the latest. 
  • The Caltrain and the library: I take the train to work so I now have the time to read through the entire Burlingame library. I love getting book recommendations so send them my way!
  • Successfully selling my house. It was bittersweet but I'm glad we found a buyer. 
  • The wonderful visitors we have had so far in SF (Phyllis, my little and David) and the promise of more to come!

So my little family wishes you a happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful start to the holiday season!