My Interview with Logan McDonald | Kickstarter Rails 5 Upgrade

by Brittany Martin in

It has been awhile since I've written here but don't interpret that as a lack of personal endeavors. Since my last post, I played in three official roller derby bouts, upgraded my work's Production Rails applications to Rails 5.1, attended (and rocked) AWS Re:Invent, organized Alexabridge Pittsburgh, resigned from Bloc as a mentor and completed Term 1 of Udacity's Artificial Intelligence nanodegree. Phew!


I also keep contributing to the 5 by 5 Ruby on Rails podcast. In the latest episode, I stepped into the host seat to interview Logan McDonald on Kickstarter's upgrade to Rails 5. I came across her excellent blog post in Ruby Newsletter detailing how they executed the upgrade so smoothly. Logan was an absolute delight to interview and she had thorough answers to questions such as:

  • Was it difficult to maintain writing new features while one team was focused on the upgrade? 
  • When you deployed Rails 5 to Production and had some errors, how close were you to rolling back?

  • With the technical side of the company on board with team #upgraderz, how involved was the rest of the company in the upgrade? Was it a celebration or did you just cross your fingers that no one noticed a major deployment? 

Take a listen here and, as always, please send me your feedback and suggestions of fabulous RoR community members to bring on to interview. Team #upgraderz for life.